No Business, Without Customus

No Business, Without Customus!
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Folks, face it… Social Media is here to stay. Having robust social media is an enormous necessity for your business. The thing is, you can’t have only one good social media site. Customers are perusing the market place on many different platforms. You NEED multiple social media outlets for your business.
You MUST HAVE a diversified portfolio of social media.

But my question is ~ Is asking your customers to go all over the internet searching for all of your different social media good customer service?
At CUSTOMUS, we don’t think so.
That is why we have assembled a cost effective App that hosts all of your social media in one place. This App is not only a mobile website. Your Customus App will be available for download from all the major platforms like the Apple App Store and Google Play.
Your App will be able to send Push Notes announcing anything that you want about your business. Tell your users about trade events, promotions, sales, social media posts… anything!
Put the Phone back in hand for CALLS at the push of a button. Oh yea, these nifty gadgets can also make calls :-).
Let Customers call, email and view all of the pertinent information about your business.
When a customer downloads your APP, your business becomes an ICON on a customer’s phone and NOT merely a search result among many.
Meanwhile, while it is still early in the move… YOU become an ICON in your industry.
Why would you want to be subjected to a SEARCH RESULT when results WILL include MOST ALL of your competitors? If you want to stay on the shelf next to all the other choices in your industry… go ahead.
BUT — why would you want to do that when you could use good old-fashioned customer service, combined with modern technology to bypass SEARCH and become an ICON on your customer’s phone.
Take Your Small Business Back!
Offer service at an entirely new level!
Let customers explore at the simple tap on a smart screen. Think about it… How could you justify buying a refrigerator magent, business card or flyer before developing this incredible tool.
It doesn’t take very much… A quick introduction, a download and your done.
We include cards announcing your App to your customers with a unique URL AND most of the time, you will find that guests want to download your App in your office immediately. If you are present in your business, you should be able to WIN a conversion and create an intimate following with no problems.
There should be NO business, without Customus!
Contact Apps@Customus.Net to get started!
Anthony Piccirillo



You have several methods to fill your sales funnel and thankfully leads are coming in from multiple angles. You work your leads to become sales appointments and have the opportunity to deliver your wrap. Sounds familiar across small business right?  Small business is all about sales & it makes sense.  Sales cures all … The thing is … what is small business doing for customer retention?  Many times, the same old stuff.

Once you have a client, do you let them walk out with merely a business card and a flyer? They will set you down on a coffee table and you are likely to get buried by trade magazines.  Of course follow up will be key… BUT

This is why you need Customus!

With Customus, a simple App download from Google Play or the Apple App Store and your business becomes an ICON on your client’s phone… meanwhile YOU become an ICON in your business!  A Customus App aids the follow up process and hooks clients on your brand.

Why let customers slide away when you know they are going to re-try search engines that will ultimately lead to countless results filled with your competitors?  Sell your App download!  It is your digital business card, a social media caddy and it contains the meat & potatoes of your business.

Encourage your customers to have your App and you will dramatically increase retention!

With a Customus App your clients can view photos, blogs, social media, make calls, send email AND you can send push notes straight back to them… quick notes about the happenings of your business directly to your clients pockets!

If you continue to add value through good social media content, you stand a strong chance to continue to increase customer retention over time.  Not only will you get sales, BUT you are likely to get repeat sales!

For more information on how to get started on a Custmus App, go to Customus.Biz .  Fill out the form below & we will contact you about your custom App ASAP.


Buttonwood Manor ~ Event Planning App

Buttonwood Manor App


If you are planning an event at the Buttonwood, get started by downloading the Buttonwood Manor App.  Designed to enhance the overall customer experience throughout the planning process, the Buttonwood Manor App helps a user explore all there is about Buttonwood.  Plus with all our info in one easy to find place, you’ll be able to contact Buttonwood any way you would like quickly, easily and without having to scramble to look up any contact info!

Explore all of their social media sites in one easy to see place!  Brides & clients planning an event at the Buttonwood Manor can explore photos, menus, and view all social media; Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc… with a few simple taps & swipes of their smart phone &/or tablet.  Plus… You can check their awesome MJs locations & set up your next hang out!

Attending an event at the Buttonwood???  Download the App for directions in the palm of your hand, explore quick links and BEST OF ALL … with Apple Phones, you can take photos with the camera button and share them to the guests of honor!!!


Press Photo & Download!

Get it on Google Play Here


& in the Apple App Store below


Want one like this?  OR perhaps you’d like to create an App invitation for your event???

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Create an Appitation for your next event.  Whats an Appitation… very simply an Appitation is an App invitation.  It is an excellent way to enhance your invitation & great way to go green!!! You can let guests know all there is to know about your event ~ Check out this sample Appitaton below!



Great New Mobile Web Apps!

Excellent Custom Mobile Web Apps

Here are some great new custom mobile web Apps made with on the Customus App Cloud at Customus.Net.

Art By AnnMarie


Dennis Becker Photo


Anthony Ziccardi Studios


Lets Get Started… Submit form below and we will be in touch ASAP.  We can have your App done in no time.  Clean up your mobile look!

Customus ~ Your Mobile Solution

Customus ~ Your Mobile Solution

Friends, I invite you to take at a look at your mobile solution ~ Customus.  Mobile internet usage is rapidly growing and expected to exceed desktop in 2014.  The time is now to further think mobile.  You have to adapt in this move, but you don’t have to break the bank.  Times are tough, you can’t justify spending big money on the move to mobile.  You need a product that is low cost & high yield… You need your mobile solution… You need Customus!

The Customus Cloud offers software that enables you to create amazing Mobile Apps for your profession, for your business… for anything!  With no programming or coding knowledge, you can create great custom Apps directly within the cloud based software on the Customus App Cloud.  Apps can be used as mobile websites, Facebook Tabs and they can also be uploaded to all major platforms as a full native App!  Apple App Store, Google Play, Blackberry, Windows 8… One App, all platforms all possible with Customus.  Feel good, because your mobile solution may also be THE mobile move of least resistance!!!

We all know that strong social media is important and at this point, you should have a strategy in motion for your social media.  Big likes & follows are always great, but regardless of how many likes or follows you have, you still need Customus.  We can tie it all in and package it in the most eye appealing way on mobile!  Any way you look at it, Customus is the boss!  Its the cat’s pajamas, the bee’s knees and yes… it IS cooler then the other side of the pillow.


Create an App Now

START NOW ~ If you are a do-it-yourselfer. I invite you to create a free account on the Customus Cloud at Cutomus.Net.  On Cloud Customus, there is an App waiting for you; whether you are an artist, athlete, celebrity, professional, small business or simply want to create something great!  Start with one of our templates, you can develop with ease & simplicity.  If you were to need any assistance, we are there to help!

Don’t be fooled into thinking that this has to cost a lot of money.  Get started for free in the simulator, from there you can select the plan that best fits your budget and prices begin at FREE, yes FREE (if you don’t mind our Ads).  You can go Ad free by paying the hosting fee of choice, starting at only $9 / month.

FULL SERVICE ~ You may want us to create an App for you.  We would love to do that as we know that some people don’t have time or prefer to work with an expert of the simulator.  No problem, we offer a basic template design for a modest development fee of $495.  You can see some samples at Customus.Biz.  For assistance getting started, email us at

I look forward to us sharing some great small business App ideas and ways to use the software for you here in our Blog.  Get involved by liking on Facebook, following on Twitter, following this blog and join our mailing list.  We will be running social media promotions ~ starting with drawings for free App development for Twitter & Facebook participants (coming soon).

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There should be no business without Customus!

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Anthony Piccirillo